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The is the most reliable method to display your classified personal ads, Sri Lanka. Our basic objective is to provide all the facilities to accomplish the buy and selling needs among the Sri Lankans. The site will allow you to post your lanka ads totally free of charge. The ads will reach to a pool of buyers through the web site.

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We have over twelve categories in accordance with the commonest buying and selling requirement in Sri Lanka. Each category has its unique features. Therefore, you can post your ad to the targeted group of the people who are searching the same category. We hope you need further assistance from us, feel free to get in touch with us by visiting Contact us! Page to expand the number of categories with the subcategories as your requirements in future. Currently, you can fulfil all the needs in the car selling and renting, fashion, health and beauty, electronics needs, job vacancies and the land and houses selling and renting. The personal ads category will provide access to all other classified needs.

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